You've reached the Black Widow, property of shadows, daughter of ghosts, previously unmade. Coming to terms with humanity one fumbling step at a time. Wife of Clint Barton, mother of Katarina. You better watch your head. Current mainverse events: Natasha is quietly recovering from the events in Cap 2. Long-buried memories are resurfacing. This blog will not be spoiler-free.
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omg im sorry i got so excited i thought no one read my tags :D

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 //you gotta imagine Jim on Sorting Day. which house does he have friends in? Which house is his family in? Which is he hoping for most? That’s probs the one since the hat listens to personal preference

I feel as if Jim’s mother would’ve been in Ravenclaw, and his father in Slytherin. And he would like to identify with his mother more than his father, although he isn’t polar opposites with his father either. So if that’s the case, what he would want is Ravenclaw, and since Jim doesn’t necessarily have friends at this time in his life I don’t think that would really help him either. 

then I think Ravenclaw. I mean Ron wanted Gryffindor because his whole family was there, and the Hat listened to him, right? Same with Neville, and Harry only wanted in because all his friends were there and I think he knew his parents had been there as well. So I think you should go with Ravenclaw. Just maybe a little shit Ravenclaw xD

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"You’re that girl, aren’t you?"

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Send me a ➳ and I will generate a number from 1-300 (yes, 300!) for what my muse will say to yours.

“No, no… It’s alright… I’m in your arms… I wouldn’t want to share my last moments with anyone else.”


James had been swimming in and out of consciousness after they finally managed to resuscitate him, blinking his eyes open blearily at the EMT’s. It wasn’t until they started working on the wound in his side that he really came back to himself. It hurt, and it hurt bad. He usually tried to hide any discomfort he felt, but there was no holding back the pained screams this time. 

The teenager turned his head a little, trying to catch a glimpse of his mother. Why couldn’t he see her? Had something happened after he passed out? “….Mom?!” 

"I’m right here, James!" Natasha called back, trying to shove through medics to get to his side. His screams of pain may as well have been lances through her own heart for how much they wounded her, and to know that there was nothing she could do but sit with him was agony. "Let me through."

"We need spa—"

"I’ll stay out of the way, just let me sit where he can see me!

No one dared refuse the Black Widow when her voice was raised, but she still had to elbow her way past a few of them. She knelt beside James’ head, as far from the wound they were tending as she could get, and brushed his hair back. “How you doing, baby?”


image"I don’t want to be alone" Tears now streamed down her face, as those were the only words she could speak. Natalia’s story had moved her and somehow matched her own. Hanna was desperate, yet knew how to survive on her own.

"You don’t have to be alone," insisted Natasha, switching her speech to German to make things easier on the poor girl. "I will be around to help sometimes when you need it, and there are always going to be others there as well. You’ll never have to be alone again, if that’s what you want, and yet there is also never an obligation to spend time with others."

lieutenant daaaan, iiiice creeeaaaammm

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"Shut up. Napping."

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"You never listen, do you?"


"I listen to important things."

"How do you know if it’s important if you’re not listening?"

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