You've reached the Black Widow, property of shadows, daughter of ghosts, previously unmade. Coming to terms with humanity one fumbling step at a time. Wife of Clint Barton, mother of Katarina. You better watch your head. Current mainverse events: Natasha is quietly recovering from the events in Cap 2. Long-buried memories are resurfacing. This blog will not be spoiler-free.


[He’d like to say that it is nice to get away, and maybe a year ago, it would have been. Back when he’d had somewhere solid he was wanting to get away from, somewhere he could come back to. Everything’s been up in the air since S.H.I.E.L.D. was dismantled, HYDRA exposed within its ranks; he hasn’t had solid ground underneath his feet in months, and while it’s something he’s used to, it’s still not exactly ideal.

Comfortable, though, is the strange thing. (There’s something very wrong with him, he thinks in an off-hand way, if he’s more comfortable in a state of turmoil than he is peace. But at least like this he has a direction, a purpose.)

Sliding his hands in his pockets, he cants his head toward her.]


Sure, I could eat.

[ She loops her arm through his and she’s steering him without thought to one of her favorite dives. One of the small, quiet places near her hideaway apartment in Little Ukraine. No one on the team knows about this secret area of her life but Steve. ]

This place makes a great breakfast pirozhki, and the coffee’s to die for. You’ll like it. No one goes looking for Captain America in Little Ukraine.



That sounds wonderful.  And if having her on you does prove inconvenient for your preparation I would be more than happy to occupy her for a while.  We can be quite the pair, young Katarina and I.

If you insist. I’m sure you’ll have a really hard time keeping her busy, since she’s asleep and—oh, wait. She woke up while we were talking. Привет, дорогая. [She carefully extricates the child from her wrap and passes her to Thor’s arms.] Play nice, you two.

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12. Playing dress up in the change rooms of a big store.

"Tony! Tony! Tony Tony Tony oh my god oh my go—" Natasha couldn’t breathe, she was laughing so hard looking at herself in the mirror. "Who wears these clothes? Who? Who in the hell wears this? Come out, I have to show you!"

She stumbled out and pounded on Tony’s changing room door until she either broke it or he unlocked it. The moment it opened, regardless, she spread her arms. “Ta-da!”

Her dress was a nice, mild, celery green, but accented with a pattern of hot pink bicycles. Also it was such a fit that it cinched at her breast rather than the waist, then ballooned outward. Underneath it her hot pink bra was doing her no favors, either, nor her striped knee-socks and mismatched shoes from the Shoe department.

"Tell me I’m pretty with a straight face or we’re breaking up."

Put “Fluff please” in my inbox and I’ll generate a number and write a fluffy starter for our muses based on what you get


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She would have liked that very much.  What sort of celebration would you propose?  I doubt very much that you can still eat the number of breakfast foods we once consumed when we spent time together.

Oh, god, no. But we could arrange something resembling a normal meal, if you’d like. I’m getting good at making Blini with her strapped in.

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"I told you I don’t hurt kids, Sir. Yeah. I know. I tried to tell you. You were an ass—Yes. I know this is my fault—I know. I know. Yes sir. I—Yes sir. No, Sir, I didn’t. If you doubt me, then put me the fuck down, like those rules you love so damn much say." He hissed, anger clear in his eyes. "She’s a fuckin kid, made ta do somethin she didn’t want, an didn’t have any damn choice in th damn matter. Fuck your rules on this one. If I get in trouble, so be it. Just…Just don’t let her go back out in the cold."

He was quite for a long minute after, his shoulders slouching slightly as Coulson tore him a new asshole. Looking over at the girl, he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “You should probably pack…Clothes that ya can cross the border with…You’re probably hurtin right now, we didn’t plan on extraction with this, an M’not sure how able we’ll be ta get one.”

The blood drained from her face as Natalia nodded along with Barton’s arguments in her favor. She didn’t just want this; she needed out like she needed her next breath. “I don’t need clothes. Just—one thing,” she repeated, suddenly feeling like her chest had frozen solid and no air could get in or out.

The Department would be coming for her soon, unless they thought she was already dead because of the comm cutting out. Either way, she didn’t want to stick around and find out. Still keeping a wary distance from Barton, she took him through the back of the basement to a second set of stairs at the rear of the building, up those stairs to where the old man was waiting for them. Natalia brushed past him to the tiny cot in the corner where a baby was wailing.

Lei è affamata," he said, pointing.

Natalia glared as she leaned over the cot and pulled the baby free.. “Lo so. Ci stiamo lasciando ora. Grazie." She turned to Barton and nodded. "Now we can go.”



I remember.  But I think the only ones to be credited with this lovely creature can be her parents.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy, but I think I’ll be giving thanks every Friday that she’s even here. Now—come on, enough of this. You just got back and I missed you, we should celebrate.

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As you have every reason to be.  I can see already the strength she possesses.  You have been blessed.

Well, maybe we have you and your mother to thank for that. Remember the speech you made at the wedding? I still tear up thinking about it. Sometimes when I need a good catharsis cry I look through JARVIS’s security archives to watch it again.

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